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Reimagining University

African Leadership College provides higher education for a higher purpose. We believe that young people hold the potential to become the ethical, entrepreneurial leaders our continent and planet need. Our role is to unlock that potential through a one-of-a-kind learning experience that gives students the foundation for a lifetime of leading positive change.

We have designed our entire institution around young people’s agency and autonomy as changemakers. Students declare missions, not majors – defining their educational experience by the impact they want to make in the world. And students needn’t wait until after graduation to start making that impact.

At ALC, we break down the walls between academia and “the real world,” allowing opportunities for learning in hands-on settings like internships and off-campus projects. We believe students learn best when they can see their education in action, and that some of the greatest lessons come not only from our world-class faculty and staff, but also from industry professionals and peers.

Today, ALC is sought out by top tier international press to share our methods with the world. We are humbled to help nurture a new era of higher education that unleashes the amazing change young people can create. The moment for that change is long overdue.

Join us.

ALC Working Statement
on Diversity*

ALC was founded to facilitate the growth and development of agents of positive change for Africa and for the world. Diversity is one of our founding values, and is core to what the institution is, who it comprises, and who it will reach. ALC is firmly committed to creating and maintaining a learning and working environment that is intellectually rigorous, and humanly inclusive, regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, political ideology, or disability.

This commitment takes place at all levels of institutional programing, from staff and faculty hiring, through student life, research, pedagogy, and partnerships. In ensuring that this takes place, ALC (will offer) exemplary training for all members of our community and our network pertaining to self awareness, dialogue, respect, and inclusivity, that grows and deepens with the organization, and requires perpetual refinement and practice. In so doing, we hope to become an exemplary institution through which the power of conscious diversity is demonstrated in today’s complex world.

* This is a living section and therefore subject to review and revision as appropriate. Please feel free to email feedback and suggestions to