African Leadership College

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about us

OUR learning model

Our unique learning model puts you first. Drive the bulk of your learning experience individually and with your peers through engaging and meaningful activities.

We have developed a Learning Cycle that helps students learn new skills and master concepts. This 4-part Learning Cycle incorporates the need to discover gaps in your knowledge and skillset, self-paced learning, peer learning (students teaching and learning from each other) and facilitated group learning. Every stage of the Learning Cycle is incorporated into the classes you take in your Leadership Core.


Realize what you don’t know and what you need to learn.

Part of learning with a purpose is knowing what skills are needed to achieve your mission. Through a series of fun, engaging activities, each of your Leadership Core Courses gives you an opportunity to discover important gaps in your skillset that you work towards developing at ALC.


Learn at your own pace and in your own way.

We recognize that not all students work the same way. In order for you to be most effective at mastering concepts, ALC has created a space where you take ownership of your learning. Using ALC's own academic platform Canvas, you will take courses and work on assigned projects at your own time and pace.

Facilitated Group Learning

Apply and extend your learning to other contexts and wider problems.

Put your learning into perspective by thinking about the applicability of your skills and knowledge. With a faculty facilitator, you will engage in lively class discussions about how to make your classroom experience relevant in the real world- how proposed solutions can solve global problems or help you achieve your mission.

Peer Learning

Learn from others who have learned it and can explain it to you.

Learn by teaching. Work with your peers to exchange knowledge because the more you explain concepts to others, the better you understand them yourself. Peer Learning is an opportunity to learn from others who have a better grasp on concepts and can teach you.