African Leadership College

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the alc advantage

Personalized Learning

At ALC, students benefit from an individualized, mission-driven method that’s just as effective and impactful as traditional ones. You can tailor your learning experience to your unique interests and passions with guidance from skilled mentors. You benefit from a sense of personal responsibility, confidence, and ability to direct your own learning—all traits that are important long after graduation. At ALC, you “learn how to learn.”

While pursuing your mission, you can interview experts. Conduct field studies. Shadow professionals. Watch TED talks. And so much more, based on your individual goals. You’re empowered to be the driving force behind your bachelor’s or master’s degree experience. You and your peers have the power to design your extra-curricular activities, launch your own ventures, and engage in local communities.

Our student-centered learning model is all about you. You structure your learning around your passions and your mission. There are big global challenges to solve. At ALC, we believe our students should be the problem solvers.