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Career Development & Work Experience

Many educational institutions provide little to no practical work experience.

They don’t start talking about life after graduation until a student’s final year. At ALC, students begin their career development journey on day one. Students benefit from a four-month-long internship during each year of study.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have a full year of work experience in a variety of organizations. This experience enables you to build deep connections with potential employers and provides practice in solving real-world problems. You’ll have been exposed to the world of work, giving you an advantage over traditional university graduates in gaining employment or starting your own organization.

Our approach to career development

is centered on five pillars that research, top global employers,

and entrepreneurship incubators have said are the

keys to thriving in the professional world.


Building a core character


Developing 21st-century skills


Building experience


Gaining perspective


Building a network

ALC students have interned
at companies like:


  • Have worked in over 17 countries, including countries outside of Africa like China, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States
  • Have worked in various industries including venture capital, consulting, telecom, healthcare and education, and startups
  • Have been requested to return by 88% of our partners
  • Find their own internships 30% of the time

In addition to career development and internships, ALC students have opportunities to do real work throughout the year. The first-year Projects Course exposes students to real life problems by allowing them to work on unique real-time projects with clients in different industries. Those who are interested in entrepreneurship can apply to the Student Ventures Program, a series of structured experiences and resources to help ALC students develop their entrepreneurial skills.

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