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Undergraduate Programmes

We are reviewing our portfolio of programmes on offer for future intakes. Applications to study at the African Leadership College Mauritius will open soon. Please check back for more details.

To apply to African Leadership University Rwanda, please click here.



The ALC Undergraduate Programme is designed with your future in mind. We believe in preparing our students for the world of tomorrow filled with new ideas, big challenges and jobs that haven’t even been created yet. With that in mind, we have crafted a learning experience that allows you to continually apply the skills you learn, both in and out of the classroom and in everything you do.

In Year 1 you will participate in our Leadership Core modules intended to unlock your curiosity and challenge your approach to learning. From Year 2 onwards, you will enter a more specialized degree programme of your choice. In order to get the real world experience that is crucial to learning at ALC, you will spend 4 months in annual internships with our Employer Partners.

Leadership Core

Year 1: Develop your skills

ALC’s Learning Model is governed by the 7 Meta Skills we have identified as necessary skills for any graduate to be highly effective in the real world. Within these 7 Meta Skills are Core Skills that make up the tangible skillsets we apply on a daily basis from writing to quantitative reasoning, research and more. Our Leadership Core is the platform targeted at helping you develop these skills.


Learn how to understand data and its implications in the real world


Develop the necessary skills to communicate in a professional setting


Discover the soft skills needed to make a great leader


Engage in real life work similar to working in an actual organisation

Degree Programmes

Year 2 onwards: Develop your passion

ALC offers a variety of bachelor degree programmes designed to address the gap between education and the real world by developing a curriculum that addresses the industry needs of our continent. We challenge you to declare a “mission” for your life, not just an academic “major”. ALC will expose you to the grand challenges and opportunities of our time, and work with you to define how you want to solve these problems and capture emerging opportunities.

All our degree programmes have been crafted by curating some of the best content from across the world delivered through our innovative Learning Model. We are currently reviewing our portfolio of programmes on offer for incoming intakes. Our existing programmes with enrolled students are shown here. 

Bachelors of Entrepreneurial Leadership

"In the BEL programme, students are provided with the skills and attributes needed to adapt to a dynamic world and address the variety of complex and interrelated challenges that society is currently facing.

The programme aims to prepare students to become team builders and systems thinkers who have a breadth of cross-disciplinary knowledge, are extremely skilled at innovative problem-solving in a variety of domains, have the ability to learn continuously, and have developed deep pragmatic skills for taking meaningful action. This type of education aims to produce entrepreneurial problem-solvers who will not only be highly employable, but also better equipped to create their own jobs.

BA (Hons) Business Management

"The ALC Business Management program’s vision is to nurture not just business professionals but leaders, who will not only be able to engage with different challenges in a business setting at a national and international level, but also develop an understanding of how the same challenges manifest in their respective communities.

Our mission is to constantly challenge students’ mindsets and assumptions through critical discussions on business ethics, culture and strategic change management. We want students to have an analytical perspective on the issues that face the African continent, so that they can fully grasp why this matters, and encourage them to see the bigger picture in order to identify needs and opportunities at a local and global level.

As part of the learning experience, we partner with local ventures and businesses on various projects so that students have a space to practise their learning in the real world.

BA (Hons) Social Sciences

In the Social Sciences program, students are pushed to engage critically with the world around them and provided with the necessary frameworks required to deal with complexity.

The programme is specifically designed to provide students with an excellent social science education and offers a number of specialist areas which equip them well with both the necessary and desirable 21st century graduate attributes to help make valuable contributions to global society.

BSc (Hons) Computing

"ALC’s Computing degree provides a pathway for students to develop sound computational reasoning and technical skills to envision and build robust solutions to local and global challenges across a variety of disciplines and industries.

This programme is in line with ALC’s aims to produce multi-disciplinary graduates. Computing students will develop the required knowledge and understanding of software specification, design, implementation, and support across a diverse set of platforms, which they can utilise to address grand challenges

We help develop strong independent learners able to cope with a rapidly evolving field; versatile leaders who can manage the technical, business, ethical and social constraints thanks to a solid academic background, reinforced with good personal, interpersonal and team working skills, to enable them to perform effectively in any appropriate situation and take on some of Africa’s challenges and find relevant and sustainable solutions.

MEng Electrical Power Systems Engineering

"ALC aims to deliver an engineering education that places emphasis on student-driven rather than faculty-led learning. Consequently, ALC engineering students have abundant freedom to significantly shape their own education, with entrepreneurial thinking and leadership at the core of the learning experience.

The mission of the programme is “to produce multi-disciplinary professional engineers with a bias towards electrical power systems engineering, who have the required knowledge and understanding of specific electrical power engineering principles, integrated with an understanding of general engineering, manufacturing, and business, reinforced with good personal, interpersonal and team working skills, to enable them to perform effectively in any appropriate situation.”

Students will be equipped to demonstrate application of these abilities, including leading others, leading self, a business acumen, entrepreneurial thinking, effective communication, and other additional engineering skills.


12 months of work experience

As young leaders who will carve new career paths to solve African challenges, our students recognize that the most rewarding internship for them may not necessarily be a large organisation or with a big brand name. In fact, in finding a professional environment that will transform and put their leadership skills to the test, may be with an NGO, a growing SME, an academic research internship or even working on their entrepreneurship venture where they can gain valuable exposure to the evolving world of work.

Selling government bonds through mobile money in Ghana. Launching social media campaigns for L’Oreal in their Paris office. Coordinating healthcare research agents in Lesotho. Researching the breadth of the Private Equity industry in Africa from Swaziland.

Our students don’t wait until graduation to achieve great things. Through the internship programme, they get a head start on learning about being excellent professionals and making an impact in the workforce in Africa and beyond.

While we provide access to a network of employers, our students take ownership in the process of securing an internship that best helps them grow as young leaders.