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Bachelor of Science (Hons) Entrepreneurial Leadership


Mauritian Higher Education Commission via Glasgow Caledonian University


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About the Program

Start your own venture, become a leader in business or dedicate time to a cause dear to you. Make a mark in your community, at African Leadership College (ALC)  & African Leadership hubs, and beyond through a broad, rigorous education, emphasising strong leadership, entrepreneurship, research and career skills.

Students who earn a BSc. (Hons.) in Entrepreneurial Leadership degree possess the knowledge, experience, and technical skills necessary to understand the dynamic business world to achieve dignified levels of success in their professional careers and personal lives.


At ALC, we believe that leadership is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about embracing the responsibility to drive positive change in our communities and continent. Our admissions process is designed to identify passionate individuals who demonstrate the potential to become the next generation of African leaders.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative educational journey that will empower you to become a leader in Africa and beyond? African Leadership College (ALC) is delighted to announce that admissions are now open for aspiring change-makers like you.

Eligibility requirements for admission to ALC’s Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Leadership degree program

  • Completing  a final national secondary school exam and graduated from secondary school with a certificate of secondary education on an A Level.
  • CEFR B2-level (or equivalent) English proficiency
  • Passing  3 or more A-level subjects or equivalent, in which one or more of the considered subjects is from this list of core subjects, or combinations that include these subjects.:
    • English  or Literature in English 
    • Math (Any A-level math)
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Sociology, Economics, or Geography. 
    • An applicant who provides results from subjects closely related to the ‘core’ subjects above will have their admission reviewed by an Admissions Committee before acceptance.
  • Attaining a C average or better on the 3 subjects selected.
    • The average must be derived from at least one ‘core’ course and the best two other grades from A-level (Principal) subjects.
    • A C average shall mean a point value of 12 or better. An average of C- shall not be considered to meet the minimum criteria.
      • For example: a student transcript could show: B – English, D – Media Studies, C – Spanish and be considered.. 
      • However a transcript with C – English, C-Media Studies, and D Spanish would not be considered.

Plan of Study

ALC’s Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Leadership program is a comprehensive three and a half year program that blends rigorous interdisciplinary education that cuts across business, social science, product design, data analytics, entrepreneurship, and leadership development.

​​Graduates not only earn a BSc. (Hons) in Entrepreneurial Leadership degree but are ready to be team builders and systems thinkers who have a breadth of cross-disciplinary knowledge, are extremely skilled at innovative problem-solving in a variety of domains, have the ability to learn continuously, and have developed deep pragmatic skills for taking meaningful action.

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Term 2

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Term 3

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Graduates of the Bachelor in Entrepreneurial Leadership programme will be equipped to pursue a variety of career areas including, but not limited to:

Business Strategy and Investment

Product development, Healthcare app entrepreneur, Health economist, Hospital consultant, Law school for labour law, NGO, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising and donor relations, Monitoring and Evaluation, Graduate school for Gender studies, Non-profit management

Product and program design

Product Manager, Program Manager, Innovation Consultant, UX/UI Designer, Entrepreneur Project Manager, Business Analyst, Design Strategist, Product Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Brand Manager, User Researcher, Product Development Manager, Service Designer, Digital Strategist, Product Analyst, Product Owner, User Experience Researcher, Design Thinking Facilitator

Policy and Advocacy

Health-based NGO, L&D Org, Postgraduate studies, Policy analysis, advocacy, campaign management, Learning design, Human Resources, Capacity building, Social media manager

Data and Analytics

Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Data Visualization Specialist, Data Governance Manager, Data Consultant, Analytics Manager, Financial Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Strategist, Data Warehouse Analyst, Data Mining Specialist, Product Analyst, Predictive Analyst, HR Analyst, Social Media Analyst

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