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At the African Leadership College, we’re working to develop 3 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa and the world by 2035.

Student Life

When you join ALC, you don’t just join a college, you become a part of a community of lifelong learners.

Learning Model

Drive the bulk of your learning experience individually and with your peers through engaging and meaningful activities.

Undergraduate Programmes

The ALC Undergraduate Programme is designed with your future in mind.

Why African

Everyone’s different—including you. That’s why at ALC, we don’t do “one size fits all” education. ALC’s Leadership Core program and the first year of real work experience will prepare you for our unique approach to individualized learning. We build the skills that you, as a young leader and entrepreneur will need for the future. 

Harness the characteristics essential for creating a mission-based life of impact and purpose. All ALC students develop 21st-century skills and networks that will remain relevant amidst rapid global change. Want to guide that change? With the right education, you can.

Experience HIGHER EDUCATION Like Never Before


Conventional classes are just one way to do it. At ALC, you’ll take a different approach. An individualized, student-focused leadership curriculum develops and tests your skills, your intellect, and your ideas. A heavy emphasis on real-world internships and experience solidifies crucial qualities for the future. You’ll be exposed to new global cultures, opinions, and challenges to your problem-solving abilities. 

And you’ll gain the skills that 21st-century employers want—critical skills like problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and leadership. At ALC, you don’t just pick a major—you pursue life experience.


Entrepreneurial leaders rally the troops. They see failure as a learning opportunity. They take risks for the greater vision. They solve problems and chase solutions. Unfortunately, most schools don’t teach these skills. At ALC, we believe every 21st-century graduate should be able to think entrepreneurially. You’ll declare a mission, not a major. 

You’ll be exposed to the grand challenges and opportunities of our time and work to address and capture them. You’ll discover your life’s purpose and align your learning with it. The employers of tomorrow—organizations like our internship partners L’Oréal, Swiss Re, Cellulant, and more—want leaders and problem-solvers. ALC’s accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs prepare help get you there.


It’s no secret that machines and computers are becoming better than humans at things that used to require academic knowledge. That’s why in the future, human traits like imagination, creativity, entrepreneurship, and empathy will be more important than basic facts and figures. In order to “future-proof” graduates, we consider these traits to be fundamental skills, not by-products of education. At ALC, they’re in the DNA of everything we do—a certainty in an uncertain world.

our Talent

ALC is dedicated to educating, advising and connecting students to opportunities across the continent and beyond, to foster 21st-century skills and real-world experiences. To hire our work ready students for internships, please post your opportunities here.

Please reach out to for any queries.

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